Xp3 is available in Canada through industrial suppliers, dealers and Certified Solutions Specialists.

New Dealer Inquiries

US Customers can order on-line through
For specific locations, local reps or participating dealers that stock XP3, call 1-800-507-4107

New Dealer Inquiries

Xp3 Diesel All-in-One
Treats         Price

720 l           $23.95
2000 l        $59.95
4000 l        $109.95​
Xp3 Diesel Extreme Winter
Treats         Price
720 l           $24.95
2000 l        $62.95
16000 l      $419.95​

Xp3 Gas All-in-One
Treats         Price

76 l             $10.95
570 l           $23.95
1520 l         $59.95​
Larger bulk sizes and fleet level pricing available.

Dealer Resources

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