Fuel Additive Checklist

What is the additive’s mix concentration ratio?
XP3 is classified as a pure concentrate, industrial strength, commercial grade, muli-functional fuel enhancer. Mix ratios are; 1:4000 for diesel and 1:3200 for gasoline.

What is the additive’s rating for cold weather performance in diesel?
XP3D+W improves cold weather operability by up to 35°C, and XP3D by up to 10°C. (ASTM D-97 Pour Point Tests.)

Has the additive been tested to control microbial growth in diesel?
XP3 inhibits and controls formation of microbial growth and algae in diesel. (ASTM D-7687)

How does the additive improve Cetane levels for diesel?
XP3D+C increases Cetane from 41.5 to 46.2, double or triple dosing further increases Cetane levels. (ASTM D-6890 and D-613)

How much lubricity does the additive add for diesel?
XP3 adds lubricity from 360 to 300 in the BOLCE test and from .610 to .460 in the HFRR test. Lower number = be:er lubricity and less metal scaring. (D-6079 and D-5001)

Has the additive been dyno tested to measure increased power?
XP3D increased torque from 834 to 845 (+11 ft. lbs), and XP3D+C increased torque from 834 to 850 (+36 ft. lbs). Dyno tests conducted on a 6.6 Duramax Diesel.

Have any tests been done to measure emission reductions?
XP3 neutralizes low temperature corrosion and acts as a combustion catalyst, providing a more complete burning of the fuel, extracting more energy, producing less unburnt hydrocarbons and greenhouse gas emissions. XP3 was tested on locomotives with reduction of pollution emitting particulates at 83%. (NOM-043-ECOL1993)

Has the additive been tested for it’s efficacy to control water and moisture?
XP3 protects against water and moisture related problems, against oxidation, fouling and phase separation of fuels. XP3 counters the negative effects of ethanol and bio-blended fuels due to it’s moisture controlling features.

Does the manufacturer offer a warranty?
XP3 does not alter the ASTM specification of fuels and is warranty safe. XP3 is backed by a 25-year, 100% claims free track record, with a full manufacturer’s warranty.