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Case Studies and Resources

Xp3 Fuel Solutions are adopted as "best practice" from many global multi-national companies to small landscaping company and in every market and industries in between.

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  1. World Racing Champions Use Xp3
    Brian Spooner , from LLoydminster, Alberta is an NHRDA Diesel Pro Stock World Champion and uses Xp3 High Performance in his Pro Stock Diesel race truck "Blown Smoke". Kenny Lang , from Grande Pointe, MB is an NHRA World Champion and only uses Xp3 in his diesel pusher motorhome used to tow his championship drag race car around North America.
  2. Centennial Gravel & Excavating
    Operating over 50 pieces of equipment and burning over 50,000 litres of diesel per month, Centennial Gravel is saving thousands of dollars on direct fuel costs and saving more on indirect benefit including less mechanical breakdowns, less injector failures and longer lasting engine oil.
  3. Dyno Tested - More HP & More Torque
    A 3rd party dyno test was conducted with Ste. Annes CO-OP at Wall's Rod Custom. Results showed an increase in both HP and Torque with the Xp3 Diesel All-in-One formulation and the Xp3 Diesel High Performance formulation.
  4. Truck Fleet of over 100 Trucks
    A long term, in-depth showed a greater than 5% better fuel economy, cleaner injectors, 25% extended engine life and less heavy metals in the engine oil.
  5. 1/2 MPG Gain
    H. Szybunka hauls flatdeck heavy loads, averaging 135,000 lbs and consumes over 2500 gallons of diesel per month. Long term fuel validation testing resulted in a gain of 1/2 MPG in better fuel economy, as well as cleaner oil sampling results from oil testing analysis.
  6. Best Practice for Fuel Management
    Included in the operational procedures for best practices documentation for fuel management for Fuel Station, Railway and Tanked Fuel promoting the use of Xp3 for DETERGENCY, DISPERSANT and ANTIOXIDANT features, ensuring a clean and stable fuel supply.
  7. 5.49% Better Fuel Economy
    Christensen Farms in Magrath, AB ran a fuel validation test during an entire harvest season. Over 145 engine hours, Xp3 showed a reduction in diesel fuel consumption by 5.49%
  8. 2 Extra Hours of Operation
    Dean Terning from TNT Farms in Cokato, MN ran a fuel consumption test with Xp3 on a 2008 535 Case IH, which he has owned since brand new. He went from 12 hours of operation with untreated fuel to 14 hours of operation with Xp3 enhanced fuel. An increase of 2 hours per tank.
  9. Rural BULK Fuel Hauler Validation Test
    With Xp3 All-in-One, 4.83% Better Fuel Economy and a Financial ROI of 240%. With Xp3 High Performance, 7.5% Better Fuel Economy and a Financial ROI of 400%. Plus all the other non-financial benefits they gain from using Xp3.
  10. 8.8% Better Fuel Economy
    A 30 month test with Xp3 in a CAT Diesel Genset, running treated and untreated fuel showed an average of 8.8% better fuel economy in the first 18 months and an average of 8.97% in the last phase of the test.
  11. Annual savings of $60,000 per year
    A manufacturing facility tested Xp3 on Case 8-800 , MX-135 and MX-220 machines with a total annual savings in fuel costs at over $60,000 per year.
  12. More case studies available directly from Xp Lab
  13. Reduced particulate emissions and opacity imporvements
    The Mexican Petroleum Instutue office for Environmental Protection tested the efficiency of Xp3 in combustion, emmission and boiler performance. Results showed a particulate concentration of 29%, a reduction in particulate emissions of 38% and a reduction of opacity by 40%