Industrial-Strength, Commercial-Grade
​Performance Enhancing Fuel Solutions

Ratings, Tests and Technical Specifications

ASTM D-97 tested, improves pour point for cold weather operability by up to 30°C with the Xp3 Extreme Winter formulation and by 10°C or more with the Xp3 All-in-One Combustion Improver.

ASTM D-7687 tested, effectively controls and inhibits formation of microbial growth and algae in diesel fuels.

ASTM D-6890 and D-613 tested, increases Cetane from 41.5 to 46.2 with the Xp3 High Performance Cetane
Boosted formulation. Double and triple dosing increases Cetane levels further. See instructions for details.

D-6079 HFRR and D-5001 BOLCE tested, adds lubricity from 360 to 300 in the BOLCE test and from .610 to .460 in the HFRR test. Lower number = less metal scaring and better lubricity.

Dyno tested on a 6.6 Duramax Diesel, increases torque from 834 to 845 (+11 ft. lbs) with the Xp3 All-in-One
Combustion Improver, 834 to 850 (+16 ft. lbs) double dosed and from 834 to 870 (+36 ft. lbs) with the Xp3
High Performance Cetane Boosted formulation.

Neutralizes low temperature corrosion caused by sulfuric acid generated in combustion and acts as a
combustion catalyst, providing a more complete burn of the fuel and less unburnt hydrocarbons/pollution.

Superior detergency breaks down and cleans out soot, deposits, sludge, gums, varnishes and residues.

Protects against water and moisture related problems and  against oxidation, fouling and phase separation
of fuels. Counters the negative effects of ethanol and bio-blended fuels.

Registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) since 1996.

Warranty safe. Does not alter the ASTM specification of fuels and is backed by a 25-year,
100% claims free track record with full manufacturer’s warranty protection.

Only contains active components in their pure form and no retail fillers of any kind.

Classified as an industrial strength, commercial grade fuel additive, with concentrated dosage
mix ratios of 1:4000 (300ppm) for diesel and 1:3200 (312ppm) for gasoline.
     For comparison, retail pump fuel can contain as little as 125ppm of additives.

Xp3 treats over 4 billion litres of fuel globally every year.

ISO 9001 certified.


  • A blend of organic compounds and synthetic resins.
  • Classified as a non-hazardous, biodegradable fuel upgrader with a safe MSD Sheet containing no controlled substances.
  • Does NOT contain any harmful, abrasive or dangerous compounds such as alcohol, kerosene, aromatics, sulfur or any organometallics such as calcium, iron, cerium or platinum.
  • Does NOT contain any fillers such as petroleum, hydrocarbons, naphthalenes, xylenes, solvents or phenyl methane.
  • Safe with ALL manufacturer’s warranties and will NOT void any warranties.
  • EPA registered, manufacturer warranty safety guarantee and does NOT change the ASTM specifications of fuels.
Testing & Validation
3rd Party Lab Tests and Validations

  • ASTM D-7687 tested to show effectiveness in treating fuel that was contaminated with micro-organism / microbial growth.
  • ASTM D-6890 tested to show the effectiveness of the Xp3 Diesel High Performance Cetane boosted formula’s ability to increase Cetane.
  • ASTM D-6079 HFRR and BOCLE ASTM D5001 tested to show increased lubricity added to fuels.
  • SnapOn 5 Gas Analyzer tested to show reduced pollution and emissions.
  • SGS Lab tested for showing reduction in heavy metals and extended lubricant’s life through oil analysis.
  • MD Mustang Dynamometer and PowerDyne Software used to test the increases in torque and horsepower.
  • And more…
Combustion Improver

  • Improves starting, idling & throttle response.
  • Restores original injector spray patterns.
  • Improves ignition quality and fuel atomization characteristics.
  • Helps extend the life and function of fuel filters & DPF systems.
  • Maximizes BTU output value of fuels and provides a complete, efficient and cleaner burning of the fuel.
  • Reduces premature oil degradation due to contaminant seepage through piston rings.

  • Improves pour point by an additional *10 degrees Celcius.
  • Prevents wax formation, build up, gelling & filter clogging.
  • Disperses moisture and water caused by condensation.
  • Reduces water corrosion problems like rust in metal fuel tanks.
  • Improves cold starting and idling.
  • *Winter Extreme Diesel Formula provides an additional 27 degrees Celcius in pour point protection.

Added lubricity to the fuel

  • Increases lubricity of fuels providing additional wear protection.
  • Restores lost lubricity in low and ultra low sulfur diesels.
  • Reduced friction, extending the function and life of internal moving parts.
  • Lubricates & protects upper cylinder walls, intake valves, rings, common rails, fuel pumps & injectors.
  • Prevents injector fouling and injector failures.
  • Keeps injectors clean and operating at maximum efficiency.
Corrosion Inhibitor
Deposit Control

  • Prevents oxidation, corrosion & rusting.
  • Prevents formation of sulfuric acid.
  • Unplugs clogs from existing deposits.
  • Protects against fuel pump and injector failures.
  • Improves filter life and function by reducing soot accumulations.

  • Cleans out carbon, varnish, soot, sludge and gum formations in the entire fuel system including valves, fuel injectors, valve seals, piston rings and cylinder walls. 
  • Prevents build up of new deposits on internal parts which would lead to premature wear.
  • Cleans fuel pumps and keeps injectors moving freely, avoiding stiction.
  • Reduces downtime and repair costs to fuel systems.
  • Prevents formation of sulfuric acid.
Extend Engine Life
Reduce Maintenance Costs

  • Delays oil viscosity breakdown and extends engine’s oil life.
  • Extends longevity and function of fuel filters and oil filters.
  • Protects equipment against premature wear.
  • Reduces maintenance and operating costs.
  • Cleans and extends the life of diesel particulate filters.
  • Reduces diesel exhaust fluid consumption.

Moisture and Water Control

  • Breaks down water molecules & moisture into sub-microscopic droplets, bonding and encapsulating them for safe passage, undetected in the combustion process.
  • Corrects water and moisture problems cause by condensation or problems caused during transportation, storage and dispensing.
  • Eliminates conditions where algae and microbial organisms can grow and contaminate fuels.
Stabilizes Fuels
Protects against fuel degradation

  • Stabilizes fuels for storage, standby and mission critical equipment.
  • Upgrades fuel integrity for during storage and transport.
  • Protects against fuel degradation and phase separation.
  • Reduces mechanical problems caused by fouled fuel.
  • Keeps fuel clean and fresh during storage.
  • Best practice is to triple dose when using Xp3 to stabilize fuel for extended periods.

Environment Friendly

  • Reduces unburnt hydrocarbons, vanadium pentoxide, exhaust smoke and polluting emissions.
  • Clean, safe and 100% biodegradable.
  • Classified as a safe and NON-Hazardous product.
  • Can be air freighted as a NON-Dangerous goods.
  • Does not contain alcohol, kerosene, aromatics, naphtha, sulfur or other harmful compounds.
  • Safe with all manufacturer's warranties.

Xp3 Canada specializes in​
“Industrial-Strength, Commercial-Grade”
fuel enhancement solutions to industry.

In the retail marketplace, industrial or purely concentrated fuel additives

are difficult to procure and very expensive when buying direct from fuel
manufacturers at the pump for an additional cost to you of 8-12 cents per litre.

Traditional retail additives typically contain 40% to 90% of filler agents

like petroleum, hydrocarbons or naphthalene which are non-active ingredients
only added to give consumers a false sense of value when purchasing, due to the
larger size of the bottle, and not reflective of the cost of treatment per litre.

When in doubt, check the additive's MSDS document.

The educated and informed user of additives will always choose 
a purely concentrated,
commercial-grade additive over diluted, retail-grade additive every time.

25 year global track record
Manufacturer's warranty safe
Meets ASTM fuel specifications

Used by industry in more than 27 countries
Over 4 billion litres of fuel treated every year with Xp3