Canada's Only Industrial-Strength
Commercial-Grade Fuel Enhancer

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April 2018
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on XP3
XP3 Technical Training Slides
XP3 is an industrial strength, commercial grade multi-functional fuel upgrader,
that only contains functional and purely concentrated active compounds.

Which differs from diluted consumer grade retail additives filled with non-functional fillers and
other diluted, ingredients, because of the retail & consumer markets they are intended for.

With Xp3, you get better results from 100% pure, active and functional componds and NO fillers.

   Used globally by industry
Serving commercial, industrial & recreational markets for over 25 years
  1. Agriculture
  2. Vocational Equipment
    Vocational Equipment
  3. Marine / Freighters / Ports
    Marine / Freighters / Ports
  4. Locomotives
  1. Heavy Equipment
    Heavy Equipment
  2. OTR Transportation
    OTR Transportation
  3. Power Generation
    Power Generation
  4. Mining
  1. RVs
  2. Transit
  3. Motorsports
  4. Small Engine
    Small Engine
  1. Oil & Fuel Refining
    Oil & Fuel Refining
  2. Military
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Forestry / Logging
    Forestry / Logging

  Adopted as “best practice” by several multi-national companies around the world.

Functional Components of XP3

Deposit Control Detergents
Dissolves Gums, Sludge & Deposits

Stability Improvers
Stabilizes & Purifies Fuels

Combustion Improvers
More Complete Burn with Less Emissions

Anti-Gel Cold Flow Improvers
Maintains Cold Weather Operability

Lubricity Improvers
Lubricates + Protects Entire Fuel System

Water Dispersants
Optimizes Fuels + Prevents Microbial Infestations

Safe & Environment Friendly
Contains no Harmful Compounds or Fillers